The biggest decision in the history of the IMperial Beach Area

 IB Area Defined as 91932 and surrournding 92154 zipcodes

Pond 20 Matters  -  It was promised

Don't let them take in away

Pond 20 Matters

The 95 acre Bayfront Pond 20 is the rarest opportunity for prosperity ever offered to the IB Area.
Pond 20 is now being taken away by special interest groups seeking to use Pond 20 for “mitigation”, instead of the “economic development” previously promised by the Port District. The Port District has neglected public input and ignored specific needs of the IB Area.

Example of "Liberty Station Style" (Pt Loma) development recommended for Pond 20 by prestigious Architecture firm hired by Port District to conduct 50-year master plan.  These models and renderings were never offered as options to the public.  Why?

In the few public outreach efforts made by the Port District, they directed us to choose either  A) Economic Development, or, 

B) "Mitigation" (habitat restoration to offset habitat destruction by economic development in other areas of the city) 

On October 7th, the Port District issued a RFP (Request for Proposal) for Mitigation of Pond 20, and is poised to enter a contract.